Zakaria bejdarî dekat le fêstîvallî netewey Stockholm!


Zakaria is participaiting at an international festival in Stockholm!

The great and talented kurdish singer, Zakaria has been invited to one of the most famous and illustrious festivals in Sweden this year. And it’s further announced that the great artist is going to attend at the international music festival October 5th.


Each year the festival is held regularly in Sweden, where famous artists worldwide are a major part of the celebration. And the Kurdish artist, Zakaria Abdullah is given an honourable task to be the deputy for the other Kurdish singers present; this of course is a great pride for the Kurds.

Subsequently, Zakaria with enormous help from approximately 25 outstanding musicians are going to have a concert at the festival which is held in one of the main and spacious concert halls in Stockholm, known as "Stockholms konserthus", as one of the festival days are especially dedicated to Zakaria’ s concert only.

After the festival, Zakaria Abdulla has scheduled to have a Europe tour to once again satisfy his numerous fans.

Booking tickets:

Stockholm's Konserthus
Hötorget 8
Phone number to box office: +46 (0)8-50 66 77 88

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